Niagara Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

About Us

Niagara Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, formerly known as Niagara Geriatric Center, has been serving Niagara County’s elderly and infirmed since the early 1970’s. Located at 822 Cedar Avenue, this 160 bed skilled nursing facility remains as the only free standing nursing home in the City of Niagara Falls. Since the facility’s transfer of ownership in 1997, the organization has recommitted itself to addressing the rehabilitation and skilled nursing needs of its clients. By incorporating short-term restorative care into its treatment regimen, NRNC has expanded its role in the city’s continuum of care.

Our Mission

Today, a significant number of the facility’s clients are discharged home after meeting their rehabilitation goals. Further, in its efforts to improve the medical outcomes of its clients, the organization enhanced its Medical Department by incorporating the skills of a full time, onsite, Nurse Practitioner.

In an ever changing a health care market, NRNC’s commitment to the greater Niagara Falls community, remains a constant. We are caring hearts in the heart of Niagara Falls, NY!

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