Niagara Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Weekly Update: 6/16/2020

To Our Residents and Family Members:

We have come a long way since March 30, when we first experienced COVID-19 at Niagara Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. We have remained together and have bonded through this extremely difficult trying period of time. We have learned a lot and it has given us a greater respect and appreciation for communication and how important communication is internally and externally to all.

Town Hall meetings will continue to be a big part of our communication plan now and going forward. We will continue to update on new changes, new staff and new beginnings. We have begun a new way of sharing positive events at Niagara. Our facebook page gives us an opportunity for families and friends to see what is new and exciting at our facility. Look us up on facebook : Niagara Rehab Activities, Thanks to Sherry Livergood; Activity Director.

As of June 16, we have 2 remaining residents waiting on their final COVID-19 tests. Both doing extremely well and we will be COVID-19 FREE. FREE. One more step to normal. One more step closer to family visitation. We await Governor Cuomo’s final determination on reopening and we eagerly plan for it. Our staff testing which began in May 2020 continues to be ALL negative. More good news that the COVID-19 has moved on.

I say a prayer for all the residents in all nursing homes who did not make it through this ordeal. You will not be forgotten and we will soon persevere this Pandemic and celebrate the lives we lost. Thank you for all of your patience and communication. I look forward to seeing you all in person.

Peter J. Fadeley
Niagara Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

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